Chatter Mark System (CMS) – a precise and reliable detection

image004Argos is the first company to introduce a reliable and accurate inline solution for detection of chatter marks after the sander. The sinusoidal thickness pattern of half-circle marks is a result of improper sanding and with the Argos CMS, sander operators will no longer need to stop the sanding line intermittently and check for possible chatter marks.

The chatter marks are hard to detect manually during the sanding process, but they often become glaringly clear after the value added process. Avoiding chatter is very difficult due to the sanding process and if missed, the customer's claims can be very costly.

image003The CMS uses the latest laser technology for non-contact measurements. The unique and temperature stable mounting frame provides a maintenance free and stable support for the sensors. The system can hold several tracks for measuring chatter across the panel width. The system is recipe driven in order to define different levels of chatter in different products. These are automatically loaded during product changes.

The system will check for chatter on both top and bottom side. As more experience is gained, Argos expect the CMS to indicate where the chatter mark is generated, as well as combing absolute thickness measurement into the same system. Together with the Argos Surface Grading system, Argos can deliver a complete system for detecting surface defects, chatter and thickness measurement in one integrated system.