Argos Panel Repair System - unmatched performance and versatility

The Panel Repair System from Argos is a fast and accurate repair system for plywood and other wood panels. The system can easily be configured to perform many different repair tasks like routing, face-putty and 2-component filler. Building upon our experience and expertise with the Argos Grading System, Argos has incorporated functionality that seamlessly transforms data from the grading system to each of the repair stations. After grading, the panels are transported through the different repair stations and defects will be repaired while the panel is moving. Each panel repair station consists of a precise motion control system combining high speed and accurate precision with easy operation.  A high-powered router is available for removing loose knots, bad areas and veneer overlap. The user can define routing patterns or punch drilling. The system works with a wide range of filler materials including water and solvent based face putty and 2-component materials like poly-patch.  With the Argos Panel Repair System, users can expect a system that outperforms other solutions in both productivity and precision. 

Combining the Panel Repair System with the Argos Grading Systems for cut-to-size and sanding operations will provide our customers the possibility to fully integrate the plywood finishing-end in a lean manufacturing concept.

Argos installed the world first high-speed panel repair line in 2011 with UPM Pellos. The link below, is from the article written by Wood Based Panels International when the Editor, Mike Botting visited UPM after the start-up.




- Reduce cost of filler materials, optimized utilization of putty and poly
- Accurate repair, reduce amount of rework
- High capacity and small footprint
- Reduce manpower cost

- Flexible tooling configurations, router, face-putty and poly
- Turnkey system deliveries