Arauco relies on Argos; «They help us optimize our people and the quality of our production»

Picture of ARGOS


Arauco is one of the world’s largest producers of particleboards and MDF and has since 2010 relied on Argos Solutions for surface grading and digital inspection.

We have used the grading system for MDF-panels for the past 10 years, and in my time, there has hardly been any issues, says Jeremy Sayres, MDF Process Improvement Coordinator in Arauco Moncure. Thanks to the Argos system, we were able to remove an operator from manually grading the products to 100% automatic grading which enabled us to optimize our people and quality to our customers, he continues.



The system that helps Jeremy optimize the production is an AGS D3200 Mark II. It was installed in 2010 and has been in operation since then.  In addition, two of the other large Arauco factories in North America, have installed Surface Grading Systems from Argos Solutions.

The Argos system gives me peace of mind”

Jeremy emphasizes the minimal need for maintenance as one of the great benefits of the system.

– I would highly recommend an Argos grading system due to my experiences and the added benefit of having a peace of mind relating to quality to capture defects protecting our customers, he says.

Once a year the Argos Service Team checks up on the system to ensure that the equipment is still in good standing and running smoothly. The Argos support on off shifts/hours has also been great when we needed additional help, although those occasions were self-inflicted and not a machine reliability issue, Sayres concludes.


For Argos, the partnership with Arauco has been invaluable, says Richard Lepine, General Manager of Argos Solutions North America. We appreciate the opportunity to deliver and develop innovative and reliable systems that enhances their production and maximizes the capacity in the factory over the past ten years. We are here to provide continued support and service to one of the largest manufacturers of MDF in the world.


Argos Solutions was established in Kongsberg, Norway almost 25 years ago, but the demand for their products has exploded the past five years. Their core business is engineering, design, and manufacture of Surface Grading Systems and Panel Repair Systems for the wood panel and building industry worldwide. The Argos Grading System is a powerful and effective system for automating the inspection of all types of surface defects in a wide variety of surfaces. The optical inspection system checks the surface for the smallest defects and monitors the production process continuously.

The company experienced an all-time high in 2020 and has delivered more than 400 systems to customers all over the world.



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