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Defect Detection

and process optimization

Defect Detection
and process optimization


The Argos Grading System for furniture performs a complete inspection of surfaces and edges. The elements are inspected for the smallest size defects and drill holes and grooves are automatically verified for their position. The system will automatically sort the components according to the selected recipe and defective components are marked and sorted out later in the line.

The Argos in-line inspection system for furniture consists of several separate systems that can be mounted in-line to perform a complete inspection and process monitoring of the production. During production, the system will generate digital images of the surfaces inspected. These images are analyzed by the system and any defect measured and classified according to the level set by the customer.

The Argos Edge System is a compact inspection module with integrated solid-state light sources and high-speed cameras. The Edge System can easily be mounted to existing machinery or on separate frames with either fixed or movable positions. Combined with the surface inspection system it performs a complete inspection of the whole edge.

The built-in recipe editor allows plant personnel to define accurate grading recipes for different products. The correct grading parameters are loaded automatically during product changes, ensuring that the product is graded according to its specifications.

  • Complete inspection of the furniture component
  • Reliable, consistent and 100% inspection at full speed
  • Immediately detection and warning of defects
  • Every panel is graded objectively, only relevant defects are downgraded
  • Accurate statistics for upstream and downstream production adjustments
  • Highly automated setup procedures and easy operation
  • Automatic cleaning reducing maintenance needs
  • Reduced manpower cost
  • Inspection of all type of defects in laminated and veneered edges.
  • Optical inspection and process monitoring
  • Compact design, integrated camera and solid-state light sources
  • Single or double sided edge banding lines
  • Inspection of wrapping lines
  • Integrated database with all kind of production statistics