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Defect Detection

and process optimization

Defect Detection
and process optimization


Argos was the first company to develop and supply dedicated on-line surface grading systems for the gypsum wallboard industry. The Argos system has been tailored to inspect boards before and after the dryer and has been proven in many of the leading gypsum wallboard manufactures around the world.

The system utilizes the latest camera and illumination technology available and can process defects down to 1mm² at very high speed.

The recipe driven system ensures that every board is consistently graded according to the product specification and it will warn plant operators immediately if a defect is detected.

Typical defects detected are finger cockling, orange peel, grooves, paper tension, spots, depression, creases, foreign particles, roughness, slime holes, blisters etc.

  • Reliable, consistent and 100% inspection at full speed
  • Every panel is graded objectively, only relevant defects are downgraded
  • Accurate statistics for upstream and downstream production adjustments
  • Fast and accurate feedback to production staff
  • Automatic alarms
  • Highly automated setup procedures and easy operation
  • Automatic cleaning reducing maintenance needs
  • Reduced manpower cost