Argos Solutions rises the bar for digital surface inspection in Asia

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When Panels and Furniture Asia visited Argos Solutions in 2017, the Norwegian based company had installed more than 200 systems world-wide. Now, only four years later, the number is almost doubled.

– Customers who have used our systems for many years are either replacing or adding systems to their production lines. With experience comes the knowledge of the advantages, and the results speaks for themselves, says Torsten Kahl, Sales and Marketing Director in Argos Solutions.


2020 turned out to be an all-time high for the company that has specialized in digital surface inspection systems for the panel and wood industry.

The Argos Grading System is a powerful and effective system for automating the inspection of all types of surface defects in a wide variety of surfaces. The optical inspection system checks the surface for the smallest defects and monitors the production process continuously.

With grading systems tailor made for different surfaces, Argos Solutions is capable of meeting many different and complex requirements and specifications. – We see that there is an increasing demand in the market for automated rawboard grading systems, and we believe that we can offer an innovative and reliable solution.


Low investment, added value.

Not too long ago, the common perception was that the industry could rely on cheap labor in the Asian market, but that is no longer the case. To continuously train new employees is not efficient, neither when it comes to time or cost. With high turnover in the industry, the effort to train new people on a regular basis can be a strain. The expectations to unmatched quality are high, and the Argos Systems ensure continuous and reliable inspection and repairs with minimum level of training.

– The systems are intuitive and easy to use, which takes a lot of responsibility off the operators, says Mr. Kahl. With panels going at 150 m/min through the lines, a human eye has no chance of seeing the defects. In addition to this, plywood for instance has complex grading rules, and the need for the best quality end-product require innovative technology that benefits the industry. When companies have installed our systems, they experience higher efficiency, reduced cost and no need for manual follow-up inspection lines. The investment is low when the added value to the production is materialized.



Tailormade solutions for different needs.

All of Argos customers have different needs. They use different types of wood and materials, and they deliver to different markets. For Torsten and his team, being able to tailor make solutions to the specific requirements, have been one of the keys to success. – The Asian market is different than Europe and the USA; rubber wood and eucalyptus have other qualities and grading requirements compared to for instance pine, says Mr. Kahl.


Europe and USA have until recently been Argos largest markets, and some of the leading producers such as IKEA, Egger, Pfleiderer and Sonae Arauco are loyal customers. – The feedback we get from our customers makes us confident that we deliver quality products that add value to their production lines, says Mr. Kahl. Whether they choose a grading system or a panel repair system, they experience reduced cost, reduced waste and more efficient production processes.


Establishing a footprint in Asia

For Argos, Asia is an emerging market, and with the speedy development in production facilities the company knows that they can deliver up-to-date systems to the regional companies. Southeast Asia has for many years been an important area where Argos has provided solutions to several of the major companies in the different segments, such as Particle boards, MDF and Plywood.

– In Thailand, Argos already is a trusted supplier to the rawboard industry, and we have delivered systems to Vanachai, Panel Plus and Siam Fiberand others. We are also very proud to say that we have established a footprint in China, with five systems sold in the past two years. Even though we are affected by travel restrictions, we still provide the best possible service to our international customers and have our service technicians out commissioning whilst they are staying safe and taking necessary precautions. Argos Solutions have also delivered systems to Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia to mention a few.

To date, the board market has been the most important in Asia, and the company sees a strong potential in melamine and furniture inspection. But there is no doubt that the plywood and panel repair systems are very exciting segments for Argos in the years to come.

Argos Solutions was established in Kongsberg, Norway almost 20 years ago, but the demand for their products has exploded the past five years. For the industry, the rumor about the digital surface inspection systems from Argos, and their impeccable customer service has spread throughout the world, resulting in a full backlog and increased attention.


– The bar for quality surface inspection rises all the time, says Torsten Kahl. As automated inspection systems is becoming required and standard manufacturing equipment for many producers, there are still too many that rely on manual inspection. Our experience is that the customers know that the standards are leveraging, and we provide the solution for the manufacturers, Mr. Kahl concludes.



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