Curious, service-minded, and adventurous. Meet our lead commissioning engineer Thomas!

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If you have a surface grading system or a panel repair system from Argos Solutions in your production facility, you might have met our fantastic colleague, Thomas.

– One of the many great things about this job is the variety! There are challenges, but it is motivating to be able to understand and solve the customer’s requirements. Communication is always the key to success!

Thomas Gumpen, Lead Commissioning Engineer in Argos Solutions AS has enough hands-on experience to know what he is talking about. Since he started in Argos four years ago, he has visited customers all over the world, from China and Japan to Uruguay and Canada, and he travels between 150 and 200 days a year.
He has lost count of how many Automatic Grading and Panel Repair systems he has installed and performed service on, but one thing we know: it’s many!

A perfect fit
Being a mechatronics engineer, with a degree that combines mechanics, electronics, and computer science, combined with a curious, service-minded, and adventurous personality, Thomas is the perfect fit for the highly skilled team of commissioning engineers in Argos.

– I really enjoy meeting people and getting to know our customers and the operators in the factories. It is not unusual for us to discover specific needs or challenges when we are on-site, and I strive to solve these together with my point of contact. With great remote support from the Argos software team, we develop the best solutions, and not seldom offer improvements that enhance the quality even further, he says.

Every assignment is unique
The Argos systems are very often tailor-made to fit the factory floor plan, grade and/or repair specific surfaces, or detect very specific defects. To Thomas, these variations make every assignment unique and interesting. – It is the backbone of everything we do; to always deliver the best solutions. That goes for both the systems, but also for the service, support, and further development.

– I have visited panel manufacturers all over the world, and it is always rewarding to see the benefits and impact our systems have on the production, the people working there, and not least the quality of the end products, panels, and furniture. It’s pretty cool knowing that I contribute to this!

Perhaps your production site is the next stop on one of Thomas’s travels? He is ready to support you!