Success through commitment

Rune and Commissioning engineer Nicolas installing the automated grading system for laminate floor at Kastamonu Entegre.
Picture of ARGOS


"A promise is something I take very seriously. We stay until our promises are fulfilled. Giving up has never been an option!"
Rune Gotfredsen, Area Sales Manager in Argos Solutions is enthusiastic when he talks about what drives him. After nearly two decades in Argos Solutions, he has firsthand experience finding the best solutions for customers and their panel production. He firmly believes that solutions, no matter how brilliant, are only as good as their real-world application. For him it’s all about creating tools that people can depend on, every day.

That’s what it’s all about; finding the best solutions!

Having installed countless systems in 23 countries, Rune has gained unique expertise in the industry. Even though his formal title is “Area Sales Manager”, he serves as a “jack of all trades” in Argos. He started as a service/commissioning engineer, worked his way to manager of the service team, and now he combines service and commissioning with sales and business development.

I think that my background is an advantage in my current position. During the sales process, I combine what the customer is looking for with my field experience and deep knowledge about our systems to find the best solutions. It’s also an opportunity to learn about other challenges the customers have, that may present business opportunities for us as a supplier. I don’t see myself as the “typical” salesperson. I am an engineer at heart, and I focus on the technology and the possibilities it provides. And I never make a promise I cannot keep.

Rune loves working with the customers, wether it is in the demo room or in the production facilities.

Collaborating with the customers

During the past few years, he has had a special focus on development and projects with a higher level of difficulty or implementing new technology. One of those projects has been to develop a grading system for laminate floor planks together with Kastamonu Entegre, the leading panel producer in Türkiye.

– To me, Türkiye is an extremely nice and interesting place to do business. Not only is it one of the fastest growing panel industries in the world, but the Turkish hospitality and positive way of doing business makes collaboration and cooperation easy. As a bonus, the climate and the food are fantastic, Rune smiles.

As a result of this successful collaboration, Argos Solutions now delivers inspection systems for the complete process; raw board, short cycle press, and finally finished laminate floor planks with bevel inspection. For Argos, the development project has given unique insight and expertise into the very specific laminate floor requirements and as a result, the company has developed an innovative lighting system specifically designed to meet these requirements. For Kastamonu Entegre, the grading system has increased production capacity and ensures the desired product quality to its customers.


– The partnership with Kastamonu Entegre has been a win-win for both parties, says Rune. For Argos, the experience of developing new technology and systems together with the customers is invaluable. For Kastamonu Entegre, they now have state-of-the art technology, tailor made to meet their needs. The result is saved cost, more efficient production and not least, delivering the desired quality to their customers.


Rune is not new to initiate development projects together with significant panel producers. 10 years ago, he led the development of an automated grading solution for MFC-boards together with Egger. The focus was to install the system with minimum modification to existing lines, operate with high consistency and low maintenance demands in a real production environment.

My passion is working together with the customer. Together, we create success!

With the expert guidance from Egger, Argos developed both software and hardware to meet the requirements of an MFC production line for operating the line on a day-to-day basis, but also manage the big picture through statistical data, defect management and claim follow-up.

– I am so grateful for the partnerships and collaborations that we’ve had with our customers. Not only do I learn a lot from them, but I get to know people and gain friendships with people in the industry all over the world. I love it!


Helping customers on-site is one of the things that drives Rune.

“Yes, we can!”
Rune has made a lot of friends over the past 17 years. With his positive and “straight forward” personality, people soon realize that Rune is a guy they can both like and trust. This attitude is something he passes on to the new generation of commissioning engineers in Argos. He takes the training responsibility seriously.

– For us, it’s a “yes, we can” attitude that dominates our work! We stay until the problem is solved, we do not break our promises to the customers, and we deliver the best solutions. I believe that our persistence and positivity are some of our competitive advantages, and what makes many of our customers return.

As the demand for quality panels increases, combined with a desire for efficient production and optimized use of human resources, the panel industry is ready to embrace the automated grading solutions that Argos offer.

A lot has happened in the industry over the past few years, says Rune. The willingness to invest in innovative and sustainable technology is on the rise, and the knowledge and experience of our systems are spreading throughout the industry. To be competitive, the panel manufacturers must consider what the best solutions are to optimize their production, reduce cost and minimize customer claims, we are determined to help them find those solutions. When we say “Your quality, our focus” it is not just empty words. It is our promise, Rune concludes.