How can panel producers ensure consistent grading results?

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The answer is quite clear; by investing in an automated surface grading system.

For all panel manufacturers, it is essential that the product delivers the desired and correct quality.

There are still those who rely on manual quality inspection, but for a rising number of panel manufacturers, investing in an automated grading system has proven to be a game changer for their production.

Argos Solutions have years of experience in automated quality inspection, and expertise in a wide variety of wood surfaces. We receive feedback from our customers all over the world, and they all experience the same positive effects.

With an automated grading system from Argos Solutions, the panel manufacturers can expect:

  • Consistency. Automated surface grading ensures that every single panel meets the required standard.
  • Efficiency. Automated quality inspection is much faster than manual inspections.
  • Accuracy. Automated surface grading detects even the smallest defects, using advanced sensor, light, and camera technology combined with AI, machine learning, and algorithms.
  • Cost Savings. In addition to reducing downgrades and potential waste, enabling faster production capacity, and utilizing human resources better, the return on investing in an automated grading system has proven to be very high for panel manufacturers.
  • Customer satisfaction. That’s what It all comes down to. Returning customers is the seal of proof that the products meet expectations.

With accurate and efficient quality control systems, panel manufacturers can trust the results. Consistent image analysis, based on grading rules, pre-defined defect detection, and machine learning, enables the manufacturers to sort out only the defect panels, and considerably reduce downgrades.

At the upcoming LIGNA show, you can visit us and get a demonstration of our automated surface grading. Stop by Hall 26, stand 49/1 to learn more Argos Solutions and our systems for surface grading and panel repair.

With over 400 commissioned systems worldwide, Argos has the experience and expertise to deliver solutions for a wide variety of surfaces and production facilities. Argos’ automated grading systems offer panel manufacturers consistent and reliable grading reports, and the result is fewer downgrades and increased product quality. Automated quality inspection from Argos is used for all types of surfaces, such as particleboard/MDF, decorative panels, furniture components, plywood, gypsum, and their latest innovation, laminate flooring.