“In Argos, Software is an art form!”

Picture of ARGOS


The Software engineers in Argos Solutions take pride in their work. And rightfully so. The experienced team has since the company was established developed solutions and solved problems that have benefited customers in the panel and furniture industry worldwide.

– Our customers and partners know that they can rely on us, says Tor Nordseth, head of the Software department in Argos. We have a reputation in the market that we are flexible, eager to find solutions, and hands-on in either developing new features or providing support for software issues.

Argos Solutions’ story is based on a technology idea, that the founders were confident was in demand. They looked to the panel and furniture industry, and with close partners, they developed and fine-tuned the systems that have established themselves as market leaders in automatic surface grading and panel repair. Being a niche supplier has been a recipe for success. The Argos team has learned from the industry over the past 20 years. What are the various properties and specifics of the different wood materials? What are the challenges in the quality inspection? How can we improve and optimize the production processes for our customers by providing innovative and reliable technology?

This experience has provided the confidence and know-how to develop new solutions. The software engineers are invaluable in the entire process, from the initial phase to installation and future support.


Agile, hands-on, and non-bureaucratic

– In many ways, we are a scaled-down version of many of the large technology companies; we develop our own solutions, and almost all our products are exported. However, what differentiates us from large companies is that we are much more agile in our work. We can implement new and updated software faster and utilize new standards in C++ when needed. The level of bureaucratic and time-consuming processes is almost non-existent. The team is involved in all product development, testing, and installation processes. When the finished product is delivered to our customers, we know that everyone has contributed. It’s a team effort, says Jan Sandok who is Technical Director in Argos Solutions.



Sverre Djønne, who has experience from both small and large technology cooperations confirms.

– As a software engineer in Argos, you are exposed to so many different tasks. Being involved in the entire process and seeing the development from idea to finished product is quite unusual in larger companies. Sverre, who holds a computer science Master’s degree, specializing in visualization is one of the system experts in Argos and has been with the company for five years. It is just an easier and more rewarding way of working. We can make decisions quickly and implement changes fast. It never gets boring, he says.

But how does Argos work to maintain and excel in its position as the leading technology company within quality inspection? – We always strive to improve our own software, but we also seek inspiration and knowledge externally. We attend technology shows and we include master’s graduate students in our work. That is a win-win situation for both us and the students, they gain from our experience, and we get access to new ideas and ways of working, says Jan.


“Nothing is impossible”

– It’s in both our DNA and name; Solutions. That’s what we are eager to find. What is the customer’s problem, and how can we solve it? Nothing is impossible, says Ingar Hauge who has been with Argos since 2017. He holds a Masters’ degree in Computer Science, specializing in embedded systems. It is motivating for me to see that our products make a difference, he continues. The advantages of this product are so many; not only does it optimize the production processes and thereby reduce costs. But our surface grading and panel repair system also contribute to more sustainability, by decreasing downgrades and waste, and utilizing the wood in a much more efficient way. In addition to this, the systems improve the work conditions for the employees in the factories. Our experience is that the workers are not replaced by our systems, the customers reorganize to use the available resources in the best possible manner. A skilled workforce is precious, and our solutions enable the customer to use their people more efficiently.



We have a unique insight into the customers’ needs

Teamwork and cooperation are key for all Argos employees, and for the software team communications with both sales and marketing as well as support and production are important to offer the best solutions.

Sales and marketing provide input on what the customer wants, and the support and commissioning team gives valuable feedback on what really works or needs improvement in the factories. The team works very closely with both the commissioning engineers and customers in the production facilities. The software team has visited factories all over the world, either supporting the installation of new systems or providing support on-site. Very often they are involved in remote support, working from the office in Kongsberg, and more than once have they solved problems that appear in the morning by the end of the day, ensuring that the customer can secure a smooth-running production or installation.



– The unique insight you get into customers’ products and facilities is one of the things that makes it fun and exciting to work here, says Håkon Bergli. After 15 years in the company, he still learns new things in every project, whether it is about software, wood, putty, glue, or other elements that are specific to this industry. The level of expertise among our customers and partners is amazing, and it’s fun to get into the details and see how we can be an important part of the complete production line, he continues.


Anders Hørtvedt, who was one of the first employees in Argos in 1998 agrees with Håkon. Although he’s been in the industry for many years, he does not tire of his work or the possibility to be creative when developing or improving the systems. – For us, software is an art form! We are creative problem solvers, who support each other and try to see possibilities instead of limitations. We are quite certain that this attitude and team spirit benefits both our products and customers, he concludes.



Sounds like a great place to work!

The dedicated and solutions-orientated software team in Argos is looking for new colleagues. Do you want to join us?

Send an e-mail to tor.nordseth@argossolutions.no if you are interested in joining our software team!