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Defect Detection

and process optimization

Defect Detection
and process optimization


Argos was the first company to develop inline surface inspection systems for the particleboard and MDF -industry. The first system was delivered back in 1999.

The Argos Grading System can be installed behind the press, after the sander or in conjunction with the cut-to-size operations.

The built-in recipe editor allows plant personnel to define accurate grading recipes for customers and products.

The correct grading parameters are loaded automatically during product changes, ensuring that the product is graded according to its specifications. The ability to optimize the grading based on what defects the value-added process can tolerate can provide substantial savings for integrated companies.

The Argos Grading Systems detects and classifies raw board defects down to 1mm² at full speed.

  • 1 or 2-sided inspection, up to +10ft. wide panels.
  • Reliable, consistent and 100% inspection at full speed
  • Every panel is graded objectively, only relevant defects are downgraded
  • Accurate statistics for upstream and downstream production adjustments
  • Highly automated setup procedures and easy operation
  • Automatic cleaning reducing maintenance needs
  • Reduced manpower cost