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Defect Detection

and process optimization

Defect Detection
and process optimization


Traditional machine vision systems have been used for many years to grade veneer in order to ensure a high recovery of the most valuable veneer. At Argos, we have taken this concept a step further by focusing on the finishing-end and grading of the wood panel. The Argos inspection system has been adapted to grade all types of natural wood used in the production of softwood, hardwood, parquet and other wood panels.

Argos has focused on reliability and low maintenance when designing the system. The system frame is preassembled and designed to ensure a quick and trouble-free installation as well as reducing the risk of influence from vibration and external particles.

The narrow design makes it easy to retrofit to existing lines and reduces the opening in the conveyor to ensure smooth panel transportation.

The latest generation includes new improved automatic cleaning methods ensuring stable operation as well as reduced need for manual cleaning. The Grading System from Argos provides substantial savings by eliminating the human operators and ensuring consistent and customized grading of every panel.

  • 1 or 2-sided inspection, up to +10ft. wide panels.
  • Reliable, consistent and 100% inspection at full speed
  • Every panel is graded objectively, only relevant defects are downgraded
  • Accurate statistics for upstream and downstream production adjustments
  • Highly automated setup procedures and easy operation
  • Automatic cleaning reducing maintenance needs
  • Reduced manpower cost
  • Inspection of defects in plywood edges.
  • Optical inspection and process monitoring
  • Compact design, integrated camera and solid-state light sources
  • Integrated database with all kind of production statistics