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Unmatched performance

and versatility


The Argos Panel Repair System combines a proven grading system with the most versatile tool system designed for maximum performance. The first operation is to scan the panel for defects. The Argos Grading System will during this process determine if a panel is good, needs repair or is a reject according to customer defined recipes for the specific product.

After grading, the panel is transported through the different repair stations. Each panel repair station consists of a precise X/Y motion control system, combining high production speed and accurate precision with easy operations.

A high-powered Router is available for removing loose knots, bad areas and veneer overlap. Routing patterns can be designed allowing for intelligent routing patterns or punch drilling for different types of defects that need to be removed.

Argos face-putty tool offers the fastest and most dynamic filling solutions on the market. The tool can dispense a wide range of putty types from different vendors. The flexible tool configuration allows for multiple putty heads.

The 2-component tool fills larger open defects accurately using intelligent movements.

The volume to be filled and the flow of poly is calculated together with the automatic purging of the dispenser at fixed intervals.

With the Argos Panel Repair System, users can expect a system that outperforms other solutions in both productivity and precision.

  • Reduce cost of filler materials, optimized utilization of putty and poly
  • Accurate repair, reduce amount of rework
  • High capacity and small footprint
  • Reduce manpower cost
  • Flexible tooling configurations, router, face-putty and poly
  • Turnkey system deliveries