Finnish Fibreboard Aquires New System From Argos Solutions

Picture of ARGOS


For Argos the job doesn’t stop at delivery to our customers. Our aftermarket activities ensure that both quality and customer satisfaction are maintained after our products are installed and in operation.

Last week, Argos Solutions and Finnish Fibreboard signed a contract for delivery of a new Argos Grading The system will be installed at Finnish Fibreboards facilities in Heinola, Finland.

Finnish Fibreboard produces hardboards and pride themselves to be one of the most environment-friendly companies in the wood industry. The company has more than 70 years’ experience in producing and delivering high quality wood fibre hardboards to the market.

When buying a new digital vision system from Argos Solutions, we will be replacing a sturdy and reliable system that has been an integrated part of our production for many years, says Sakari Wallin, Managing Director of Finnish Fibreboard. We are depending on well-functioning systems, that provides enhanced quality and efficiency in our production process, and as the technical lifetime of this system soon has peaked, we see the need to install a new system in our production line. With more than 15 years’ experience with the Argos system, we are confident that we are investing in a very good solution that will detect any surface defects, he concludes.
The company was one of Argos Solutions first Finnish customers and have been a significant contributor to develop production process solutions in the wood working industry.

I would define Finnish Fibreboard as a pioneer when it comes to optimizing automation, and the confidence and support they showed us in an early development and testing stage of our products was valuable, says Rune Gotfredsen, Area Sales Manager for Argos Solutions. The choice to replace an obsolete Argos System, with a new and improved vision system strengthens our relationship and confirms their vision to continue to deliver quality products to their end users, he continues.
Argos Solutions, based in Kongsberg, Norway, is a world leading technology company that has developed digital inspection systems since 1997. Their core business is engineering, design and manufacture of Surface Grading Systems and Panel Repair Systems for the wood panel and building industry worldwide. The company, with its 23 employees, has delivered more than 400 systems to customers all over the world. Argos Solutions is fully owned by Løvenskiold-Vækerø.