Panel Plus Thailand acquires additional Automated Grading System from Argos Solutions.

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Panel Plus, a leader in the wood substitute industry, recently ordered an additional state-of-the-art automated grading system from Argos Solutions. This investment will elevate the quality and efficiency of Panel Plus' MDF production.

The automated grading system, engineered and delivered by Argos Solutions, represents a cutting-edge solution for the wood panel industry. With a grading capacity of 150 meters/minute, the system will improve and secure the high quality that Panel Plus and their customers expect. In addition to optimizing production efficiency, the Argos systems have a proven track record of reducing cost, waste and customer claims. The Argos automated grading system will be delivered by the end of the year.

Mr. Torsten Kahl, General Manager of Argos Solutions Germany, commented,

We are proud that Panel Plus chose Argos again for their quality inspection process. Our automated grading systems have consistently demonstrated their ability to optimize production processes and enhance product quality. We look forward to supporting Panel Plus Thailand in achieving their production goals and delivering the highest quality MDF panels to their customers, he concludes.

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One of the largest wood substitute panel manufacturers in the world.

Thailand based Panel Plus Co. Ltd is a one of the largest wood substitute panel manufacturers in the world. They’ve grown their business across Asia, including Japan and India, plus the Middle East and North America. With over three decades of experience, Panel Plus leverages state-of-the-art technology, coupled with a commitment to professionalism and sustainable practices. This dedication translates into premium quality and groundbreaking innovation, extended to customers worldwide.

Mrs. Amporn Kanjanakumnerd, Chief Executive Officer of Panel Plus Thailand said the following:

We are happy to strengthen our collaboration with Argos Solutions. This investment reaffirms our dedication to delivering quality products to our customers while maintaining our commitment to continuous development, sustainability and operational excellence.

Automated Grading System for rawboard.


Argos Solutions is the leading provider of solutions for automated grading and panel repair systems. The company has delivered more than 400 systems all over the world and continue to grow with their innovative and reliable systems.