Tafisa Canada invests in additional digital surface inspection from Argos Solutions

Picture of ARGOS


For Tafisa, the largest particleboard manufacturer in Canada, a high-quality and seamless production line is essential when transforming 700 truckloads of wood fiber into 300 truckloads of finished products every single week. To maintain the efficient production and level of quality, the particleboard and TFL (Thermo Fused Laminate) producer has now purchased their second digital surface inspection system from Argos Solutions.

The Norwegian company Argos Solutions has delivered approximately 400 systems worldwide

The installed automated digital surface inspection is an innovative system that scans the panels for defects and irregularities with advanced optical technology, securing a higher level of quality. The new generation of ARGOS TFL SCANNER brings much more capabilities to ensure quality inspection.

– Thermo-Fused Laminates (TFL) production has evolved with better paper printing definition and new embossing possibilities that make TFL components now accepted in high-value product markets. The complexity of all those new décors and finishes can hide defects that manual graders can’t see. This is where the new ARGOS TFL SCANNER makes the difference and ensures production is 100% inspected and that no unacceptable defects go undetected. Scanning 45 ft2 of panels every five seconds and trying to find defects that are as small as 1 mm2 for 8 to 12 hours is not an easy task for a human operator, says Richard Lepine, General Manager for Argos Solutions in North America.

As producers and their customers expect flawless products, the bar for quality rises. Our systems ensure that the produced panels meet the expectations. Efficient production processes and quality inspection also contribute to reduced waste, which complies with Tafisa’s high standards on sustainability, Lepine continues.

The Argos Service is impressive.

– We installed the Argos system during the pandemic when all travels were banned, but the Argos service team made it easy for us. The excellent response time and the communication between our team and the Argos team was positive and in time. Our TFL production is inspected by the Argos system and we have been able to customize it to our unique needs. With the Argos service team, running tests and having support when needed is what makes them very valuable for us, says Remy Gosselin, Production Technician at Tafisa.
The Canadian particleboard and TFL producer prides itself on being the largest particleboard plant in North America and is recognized as a world leader in the wood-based panel industry.

– When buying a new digital vision system from Argos Solutions, we needed a reliable system to inspect every panel the line produces, says Serge Côté, Production Manager at Tafisa. Our experience with Argos Solutions has been positive, and we look forward to the continued cooperation and support in years to come.

Increased demand for Argos systems in North America

– North America is an emerging market for us, says Mr. Lepine. We have delivered grading- and panel repair systems to major companies such as Arauco, Roseburg, Tafisa, Uniboard and Weyerhaeuser to name a few. We are experiencing an increased interest and demand for our systems. We strongly believe that we are able to provide the best customer service and easy to operate systems that provide added value and reduce cost for our customers.

Argos Solutions, based in Kongsberg, Norway, is a world leading technology company that has developed digital inspection systems since 1997. Their core business is engineering, design and manufacture of Surface Grading Systems and Panel Repair Systems for the wood panel and building industry worldwide. The company has delivered more than 400 systems to customers all over the world. Argos Solutions is fully owned by Løvenskiold-Vækerø.